Floor Screeding, Somerset and Dorset

Floor Screeding

Mintern plastering and Rendering Ltd offer a wide range of services to our clients across Somerset and Dorset. One service we are able to offer our clients is floor screeding. Floor screeding is the final stage of a concrete floor which works as a finisher of the floor before the chosen material, weather that be carpet, floorboards, tiles etc is then started. Screeding is a popular choice of final finish in the construction phase, in particular with new build property’s.
Below are some images from a recent screeding job we completed. This screeded floor was part of a large new build project our sister company Mintern Building and Landscaping Ltd had undertaken. This stage now allows the client to add their personal choice of flooring.

Floor screeding in Somerste and Dorset. Recent screeded floor in Yeovil Floor Screed recently completed in Yeovil, Somerset by Mintern Plastering and Rendering Ltd

If you are interested in any screeding, plastering or any other services we may be able to provdie- for a free no obligation quotation please phone 07971 26602101963 363 535 or email andy.minternplastering@gmail.com / roberta.minternbuild@gmail.com

Scratch Coat Rendering in Yeovil, Somerset

Scratch coat rendering, Yeovil

Mintern Plastering & Rendering have now completed the first external render on the new build for our sister company Mintern Building & Landscaping Ltd. Below are some after images of this work.
The before images can be found on a previous blog: https://www.minternplastering.co.uk/rendering/

After images of a scratch coat render Mintern plastering and rendering have recently completed for our sister company Mintern building and landscaping ltd After Images of scratch coat render Mintern plastering & rendering have recently completed in Yeovil, Somerset Recently completed scratch coat rendering in Yeovil somerset, as part of a bungalow rebuild for our sister company, Mintern Building & Landscaping Ltd Scratch coat rendeing in Yeovil, Somerset

Mintern Plastering & Rendering

Mintern Group would like to introduce its newest company Mintern Plastering & Rendering Ltd.

Here is our new blog, that we’ll be updating on a regular basis, so you can be kept up to date with what we are doing and where we are doing it! This will also give our clients great examples of some of the work we have been completing and our companies capability’s.